What is Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV)?

The % measure of the element of a construction project’s cost that is derived prior to any further assembly or process change made in-situ at the final site.

Why use the Pre-Manufactured Value approach?

Pre-Manufactured Value enables organisations to adapt design, supply chain and construction choices to deliver productive, predictable, safer and higher quality homes and buildings. The PMV Estimator will assist organisations to understand, measure and make strategic construction choices."

Mark Farmer Founding Director & CEO

Central Government, through the Construction Sector Deal launched in 2018 has commited to "Deliver measurable improvements in productivity and the level of pre-manufactured value in built assets".

An increased PMV should demonstrate improvements in
  • Predictability of outcome
  • Productivity improvement and waste reduction
    (labour, plant and materials) and related embodied carbon
  • Quality & performance
    (including operational carbon)
  • On site delivery speed and site overheads
  • Transactional costs
  • Community disruption
  • Site health and safety risk
Understanding Pre-Manufactured Value